A Final Fantasy XIV Cross Hotbar Planning and Simulation Tool.

Plan and customize your FFXIV: Dawntrail Cross Hotbars (XHB). Explore various configurations and setups for Final Fantasy XIV’s hotbars and cross hotbars, optimizing your gameplay experience with different placement, keybinding options, and other customization features. Take advantage of drag-and-drop functionality for easy keymapping and personalization. Export your configurations to macros for direct import into the game and share your setups with others.

The Viper (VPR) and Pictomancer (PCT) Class/Jobs are now available in a preview/development state. Layouts created prior to the release of patch 7.0 may break as Actions and other features associated with those Jobs are subject to change.

Recent Layouts

How To Use This Planner

Creating the perfect hotbar interface setup in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker using a controller is clunky and time-consuming. This simulator allows you to plan out your hotbar layouts using a web-based drag-and-drop interface to simulate different configurations before commiting it to your controller HUD in-game.

  1. Select a FFXIV Job/Class

    Choose from and plan your hotbars for any of the FFXIV Class/Jobs

  2. Toggle between FFXIV Hotbar layouts

    Simulate either a Cross Hotbar (XHB/WXHB) or standard Hotbars layout.

  3. Drag & Drop Actions to Slots

    Slot any of the Combat and Role actions for your selected Class/Job, as well as any Menu Command, Macros, and other Actions.

  4. Export to a Macro and Share With Others

    Once you’re done configuring your Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker hotbar layout, save or share your layout with the generated URL. You can also export your layout to a macro that you can use to import your layout into the game.