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  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    Make sure to change Double tap L2 to "Cross Hotbar 4 - Left" and Double tap R2 to "Cross Hotbar 4 - Right"

    New job, so no changes log

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    Just tried my best have a good flow that made sense. I put the painting actions on dpad and regular attack actions on face buttons this helped me most to have a good muscle memory flow and have painting and attacks be separated and bounce between them. Also made sure to have all painting actions in the same spot for muscle memory so creature will always be left, weapon bottom center, and scenery is always on the right.

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    A first run of a layout, influenced by my SMN and RDM layouts. ST on hotbar one, AoE on hotbar 2, other stuff on 3. I usually sit on either hotbar 1 or 2, depending on my needs, and switch between them with the R1 bumper.

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Hotbar IconHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    keybinds: 1,2,3,4,Q,E,R,F (C, X, Z, 5)

    Row 2: CTRL+

    Row 3: SHIFT+

    i put the things I use most on Q & E. if it's a 3pt rotation, it goes on 1-2-3. so that's how you get this build.

    First row for Single Target. 2nd row, same location for AOE.

    (my ctrl key is where most people's caps lock key is)

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Pictomancer Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail W Cross Hotbar (XHB/WXHB) Planner and Simulator – XIVBARS

Though the Fifth Astral Era is most famously associated with the War of the Magi, a wealth of lesser-known legends were forged in that bygone age. Among them is the tale of Archon Relm, an itinerant artist and mage who relinquished her traditional staff for a magicked brush. With it, she would render abstract images to life, establishing an entirely new school of magic in so doing. Masters of this arcane discipline follow in the Archon's footsteps, wielding vibrant hues of aether to invoke all manner of fantastical beasts, weapons, and landscapes from their mind's eye─for the source of a pictomancer's power lies not in their artistic skill, but the richness of their imagination, with which they strive to paint a brighter future.

How To Use This Planner

Creating the perfect hotbar interface setup in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker using a controller is clunky and time-consuming. This simulator allows you to plan out your hotbar layouts using a web-based drag-and-drop interface to simulate different configurations before commiting it to your controller HUD in-game.

  1. Select a FFXIV Job/Class

    Choose from and plan your hotbars for any of the FFXIV Class/Jobs

  2. Toggle between FFXIV Hotbar layouts

    Simulate either a Cross Hotbar (XHB/WXHB) or standard Hotbars layout.

  3. Drag & Drop Actions to Slots

    Slot any of the Combat and Role actions for your selected Class/Job, as well as any Menu Command, Macros, and other Actions.

  4. Export to a Macro and Share With Others

    Once you’re done configuring your Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker hotbar layout, save or share your layout with the generated URL. You can also export your layout to a macro that you can use to import your layout into the game.