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  • Viper IconVPR
    Hotbar IconHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    HB using a macro to swap skills between ST and AOE
    Reawaken skills in order (1-4)
    Mouse binds F1-F11, ESC
    Unused mouse buttons free to use (Mounts, LB,...)


    HB 1&2: 6x2 on top of eachother
    HB3: 3x4 on the right of the other 2
    Aether Currents = Compass

    Keybinds (ingame settings order):

    HB1: ↑ 1-4, ↑ Q, ↑ E 1-4, Q, E

    HB2: F7, 1-empty, ↑Y, ↑X, ↑F, ↑R 2-empty, Y, X, F, R

    HB3: ↑F1-F6 F1-F6

    Macro setup for skill swap

    • Put your ST skills on HB
    • Use the macro
    • Now you should have a fresh HB, put AOE variants on the same spots
    • Press the macro again

    /hotbar copy current 1 share
    /hotbar copy current 7 current 1
    /hotbar copy share 1 current 7

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More Pictomancer layouts

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    Hotbar 1, single target. Main raid bar.

    Hotbar 2, utility, buffs, repeats Accessed via expanded controls

    • Squeezing both triggers

    Hotbar 3, mostly repeat of bar 1, but it's for aoe Rarely used in raid scenario. Generally you need to aoe or you need to single target. Use bar 1 or 3 depending on that scenario Nvr need to aoe and single target at the same time . So no need to have aoe skills and single target skills same time. Changing hotbar from 1 to 3 or 3 to 1... it's not hard anyway.

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    Work In Progress. Squintina-like PCT panels.

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Hotbar IconHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    keybinds: 1,2,3,4,Q,E,R,F (C, X, Z, 5)

    Row 2: CTRL+

    Row 3: SHIFT+

    i put the things I use most on Q & E. if it's a 3pt rotation, it goes on 1-2-3. so that's how you get this build.

    First row for Single Target. 2nd row, same location for AOE.

    (my ctrl key is where most people's caps lock key is)

  • Pictomancer IconPCT
    Hotbar IconHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    I only use wasd for movements. all hotbar slots bound to mouse buttons.

    stack each hotbar (as shown). i put the mini map in the middle gap. ends up looking like two 3x4 hotbars (left and right) the right hotbar is for gshift (or shift modifier).

    I can add screenshot later.and maybe a link to my mouse config file.the purpose of the awt up is to make your hud lo8k like a g600. if you dont use an mmo mouse, then this may not be usefu.

    updates coming soon.

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