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  • Viper IconVPR
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    Thought Process

    • GCDs on face buttons for easy movement while pressing-
    • WXHB and Expanded shared on XHB 2 so can see Expanded cooldowns
    • Left trigger, XHB 1 starts opener
      • rear positional on bottom buttons and flank on side
    • Right trigger bar is mainly used for filler GCDs and the reawaken part of the burst
    • duplicate actions because we have so much space so trying to limit having to swap triggers and help with weaves
    • AOE on bar 3 to switch to when needed saves room (not really needed, just a habit from other jobs)
    • sprint on L3
    • macro on XHB 2 is pot
  • Viper IconVPR
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    All important combo GCDs and oGCDs are on the face buttons for max mobility while weaving/doing positionals

    I tend to put AOEs on the D-pad since they aren’t as important but Viper actually has more AOE GCDs than most jobs, so Pit of Dread (aoe Twinblade starter) was able to get a spot on the R2 + Square since there was real estate.

    Hotbar 3 (L2>R2 and R2>L2) are mirrored so you can just mash the other trigger down after hitting a combo GCD and always have the same oGCDs (other jobs have enough space for this too, not just viper).

    Twinfang and Twinblood line up with the buttons that Hunter’s and Swiftskin’s coil are on which makes it easy to just press that button twice to start the oGCD combo chain.

    Role actions/sprint/LB are just where I usually put them, feel free to move those around.

  • Viper IconVPR
    Hotbar IconHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    MMO mouse using 1-= keys set by default for hotbar 1. Ctrl1 thru Ctrl= for hotbar 2. Shift1 thru shift= for hotbar 3. Twinblood, twinfang, and uncoiled fury repeated on bars 1 and 3 to simplify using actions in single target and aoe situations.

  • Viper IconVPR
    Cross Hotbar IconXHB
    P.V.E. IconPVE

    What I've been using up through level 100 into both EX1 and EX2. Served me very well and hope it helps you too!

    Pot is the Potion Macro icon, food is the food macro icon.

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